Policy and Compliance

Risk Management Framework

We implement secure data governance systems and perform threat modeling to identify cyber risk areas. We execute the 6-step process as defined by NIST SP 800-37 and provide continuous monitoring services to ensure that Authority to Operate (ATO) requirements are maintained throughout the system, network, or enclave lifecycle.

HIPAA Compliance

We strictly enforce patient confidentiality requirements, applying multi-layered protection to data. We employ customized corporate processes and leverage our experience to align our corporate practices to HIPAA compliance requirements. We leverage field-tested privacy and data security processes.

Section 508 Compliance

We leverage leadership and expertise in Section 508 testing, helping re-design & re-fit IT assets to meet compliance requirements. We design sites specifically for compliance, conduct thorough evaluations and assessments of current web and software applications against Section 508 standards, and develop detailed strategies, delivering straightforward approaches and timelines for correcting compliance issues.