Business Operations Services

Business Financial Management

We offer a wide range of financial management services that represent the infrastructure of Business Operations. Offerings include but are not limited to task planning, portfolio management, program budget, financial analysis, process improvements, and financial compliance activities. We assist our clients in performing requirements definition activities, task planning, funding document preparation, and tracking obligations and expenditures.

Logistics Support

We provide logistical support whenever, wherever, and however our customers need it. We have extensive experience giving full-spectrum logistics support for major systems programs, including all elements of logistics planning, supply support, performance-based logistics, configuration management, data management, and training. We provide organizations access to a diverse staff of technical, administrative, and field experts.

Acquisition Support

We have extensive experience in DoD 5000 acquisition guidelines and experience in assisting client Program Managers in managing schedule, budget, technical, production, and logistics elements within their functional area. We apply our expertise in managing contracts and maintain various documents necessary to move a program through the acquisition life cycle. We provide analyses and recommendations to support sound acquisition and funding decisions.